Below are some fabulous ideas on how to get creative with your kids and chalkboards. Yes, chalkboards! While dry erase boards and computers may have taken away some if its former glory, chalkboards are fighting back with some uber cool products ready to make an afternoon full of fun, imaginative art projects with the kids! The chalkboard products below range from around $15 to $65 and will keep your kiddos entertained for years to come.

Chalkboard wall stickers
Wall Candy Arts is the place to shop for chalkboard wall designs galore!  Not only can your kid decorate and re-decorate his or her own wall, these chalkboard stickers are peel off and stick on, and also reusable! Talk about convenient. No need for the same old, square chalkboard, now you can draw chalk on play houses, animals, and guitars!

Chalkboard picture frames
Chalkboard picture frames are a great way to decorate the house and your kids’ rooms while involving the youngsters in the process. Buying or making a chalkboard picture frame allows kids to create their own decoration for the frame and, at the same time, feel proud and excited about the work hanging on their walls! This is a great arts and crafts project for a slow afternoon.

Chalkboard calender
As your kids get older and you find yourself having to remind them of their activities day in and out, it may be time to give them a calendar they’ll never miss looking at. This chalk board calendar not only gives a creative flare to your kid’s room, but also gets them involved in their own time management and teaches them how to use a calendar correctly.

Paint your own chalkboard!
If you’d like to make your own designs, don’t fret – you can easily make your own by using chalkboard paint! With Rust-oleum‘s chalkboard paint, you can chalk to your liking. Try giving the kids free reign in their own rooms by painting the entire wall, or a large strip all the way around the room, with chalkboard paint, turning the room into an art-free-for-all! Your kids and their friends are sure to stay entertained for hours with so much creative space!

— Jessica Abelson