Trampolines? Been there. Ride a bike down a steep hill? Done that. It’s clear your amateur adrenaline enthusiasts need more than the standard rush. To help you quench their thirst for thrills, we searched high and low for the coolest climbing walls we could find. From a quick DIY to a jaw-dropping outdoor design, flip through the slideshow to see 11 incredible climbing walls for kids.

Outdoor Adventures

We are climbing the walls in delight over this amazing setup from mom Leah over at Leah Naomi. Building a play space like this one means your adrenaline enthusiasts will reach new heights for hours of fun. Find out how Leah made it happen over at The Wright Fam Pics.

photo: Leah Naomi via Leah Naomi

Editor’s note: While we adore these walls, we want to stress that all climbing should be done under a supervision of an adult. Happy climbing!

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—Gabby Cullen