Your little CEO-in-training has big plans for her lemonade stand (five corners by August!); you’re just grateful she’s found a way to keep her thinking cap on during the summer months. She’s not the only one making serious change. From spinning the latest hit tunes to designing awesome socks and even whipping up all-natural cookies, flip through the album below to discover eight businesses where kids call the shots.


Thanks to 11-year-old Alina Morse, lollipops are finally getting rid of their bad rap. The soon to be 6th grade girl is the founder of Zollipops, a line of sugar-free suckers that helps prevent tooth decay and cavities by using natural sweeteners to help restore the mouth’s pH to a neutral level. Alina came up with the idea for Zollipops after turning down a sucker from the bank teller while running errands with her dad. After wondering, “Why can’t I make a healthy sucker that’s good for your teeth and cleans your mouth?,” Alina spoke with her dentist and hygienist, went to stores, and researched online to find the magic teeth cleaning ingredients. She made samples at home and sourced facilities to help produce and package a delicious quality product (Alina and her friends did plenty of trail runs to ensure the tasty flavor!). The candy was an instant hit.

Alina works hard and plays harder; she goes to school, dances, works, plays with family and friends and reads, all of which has helped her learn how to balance and prioritize her time.  Zollipops are available at Amazon, Whole Foods, HEB, Meijer, at US military bases, through Special Olympics, and will soon be available at Toys R Us. There’s a philanthropy side to the business too—Zollipops give ten percent of all profits to support oral health education and have committed to give 250,000 Zollipops to schools and dentists this year.  

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—Gabby Cullen