Your little CEO-in-training has big plans for her lemonade stand (five corners by August!); you’re just grateful she’s found a way to keep her thinking cap on during the summer months. She’s not the only one making serious change. From spinning the latest hit tunes to designing awesome socks and even whipping up all-natural cookies, flip through the album below to discover eight businesses where kids call the shots.

Are You Kidding®

Sebastian loved socks. After years of collecting and sporting cool and unique pairs, his mother Rachel thought he might want to design his own, which led to Are You Kidding®—a fun, colorful, and stylish kidpreneur sock company. Founded in 2014, eight-year-old Sebastian is CEO and head designer; his 10-year-old brother Brandon is Director of Sales, or D.O.S., as he calls himself. From day one the Martinez brothers wanted to share their love of standing out in a crowd and looking cool to the world—one sock at a time. Their passion has allowed them to create a business where they can share the fun and unique designs with others as well as helping to raise funds and awareness for local and national charities. Are You Kidding® has partnered with charities such as Autism Speaks, American Cancer Society, and The Live Like Bella Foundation to name a few.  

When Brandon and Sebastian are not running their business and designing socks they love having fun and being silly kids. Their favorite activity is play to basketball (and they happen to be very good players). Brandon plays on a travel team that his dad coaches and Sebastian was MVP of his team two seasons in a row. Looking to make the brothers happy? Gift them a pair of cool socks or offer up a big juicy steak!

Find out more about Sebastian and Brandon:

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—Gabby Cullen