Your little CEO-in-training has big plans for her lemonade stand (five corners by August!); you’re just grateful she’s found a way to keep her thinking cap on during the summer months. She’s not the only one making serious change. From spinning the latest hit tunes to designing awesome socks and even whipping up all-natural cookies, flip through the album below to discover eight businesses where kids call the shots.

Top Secret Science Club

Inspired by The Magic Treehouse series, Top Secret Science Club was created by eight-year-old Los Angeles native Max and his mom Jacki. A monthly subscription aimed at enticing kids ages 5-10, each kit revolves around a storyline starring Max and his younger sister Grace who, after discovering their grandfather’s (a real-life scientist for NASA) secret time machine, travel back in time and meet famous scientists and inventors, like Thomas Edison or the Wright Brothers, who then help them solve a science-related mystery. His kits are unique in that each one contains a story, so kids aren’t just learning about polymers, but also using them save an astronaut!

Top Secret Science Club is for every kid who wants to learn about science—for each 12-month subscription purchased, a kit is donated to a child in need. When he's not busy being a second grader, Max digs dinosaurs, going to Hawaii, reading Harry Potter, and of course, doing science!

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—Gabby Cullen