Your little CEO-in-training has big plans for her lemonade stand (five corners by August!); you’re just grateful she’s found a way to keep her thinking cap on during the summer months. She’s not the only one making serious change. From spinning the latest hit tunes to designing awesome socks and even whipping up all-natural cookies, flip through the album below to discover eight businesses where kids call the shots.

Me and the Bees

This isn’t your average lemonade stand. At the tender age of four, Me and the Bees founder Mikaila was encouraged to make a product for the Acton Children’s Business Fair and Austin Lemonade Day. After being stung by two different bees and receiving a very special ‘40s era cookbook from her great-grandma Helen, Mikaila had a lightbulb moment. She discovered how important bees are to our ecosystem, and she found Grandma Helen’s recipe for flaxseed lemonade. Sweetened with local honey and full of healthy benefits, Mikaila’s product (which comes in flavors from original mint to iced tea and prickly pear) has been buzzing off shelves everywhere, from organic food leader Whole Foods to local food trucks and co-ops.

Me and the Bees is also about conservation. Each time you buy a bottle, proceeds are donated to efforts to save the bees; donation recipients include Heifer International, Texas Beekeeper Association and the Sustainable Food Center of Austin. Mikaila was featured on Shark Tank (and received an investment), has been named a 2016 National Park Service Youth Ambassador and was invited to the 2016 White House Easter Egg Roll (we hear POTUS is a fan!).

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—Gabby Cullen