abe lincoln photo: Bill Dickinson via flickr

Abraham Lincoln is perhaps most famous for his Gettysburg Address, but did you know he also brought us Thanksgiving? Read on for a few more fun facts about the 16th President of the United States.

1.His stovepipe top hat served as more than just a signature look: he used to stash his important documents there.

2. He loved animals and had a cat named Tabby and a dog named Fido. He loved his cat so much she ate dinner at the White House table.

3. He was born on Feb. 12, 1809 in a one-room log cabin in Kentucky. (So in a way, he brought you Lincoln Logs, too). 

4. At 21, he left home and canoed all the way from Macon County, Illinois to New Salem, Illinois.

5. Lincoln’s favorite food was fruit.

6. He was a wrestler.

7. Abraham Lincoln is the only U.S. president to ever hold a patent. He invented an inflatable bellows system to help boats navigate in shallow waters.

8. Abraham Lincoln wanted women to vote, and said so as early as 1836. Women did not gain the right to vote officially until 1920!  

9. Lincoln lost 5 separate elections before he became President of the U.S. (Never, ever, ever give up!)

10. Apparently, he did not like being called Abe and preferred people call him Abraham.

—Amber Guetebier


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