Official POTUS portraits are all well and good, but you’ve never seen presidential tributes like these. We’ve searched far and wide for artistic creations that honor the commander-in-chief in truly unique ways. Click through the slideshow below for a cheddar cheese Abe Lincoln, a gingerbread Whitehouse, and more.

Cheddar Lincoln

Who’s the big cheese around here? Back in 2009, this Cheez-It sponsored cheddar art was created by cheese sculptor Troy Landwehr in honor of Independence Day (Yep, “cheese sculptor” is totally a thing). It stood at 6’8, took about 40 hours to complete, and was made from mild cheddar (sharp cheddar, in case you’re wondering, is too crumbly for carving).

photo: Ketzirah Lesser & Art Drauglis via Flickr

Which one of these re-creations was your favorite? Share with us in a comment below.

— Abigail Matsumoto