When every doodle, handprint, and finger painting is a priceless masterpiece (read: the drawers are overflowing with supplies and you haven’t seen the fridge handle in months), finding a place for all of your petite Picasso’s fabulous work can be a challenge. Take a cue from a few incredibly creative parents, whose innovation solutions to displaying the whirlwind of paper and glitter have us totally inspired. Flip through the album below for 12 artful solutions to the creative chaos.

There’s An App for Art

In addition to the thousands of photos saved on your phone, the Artkive App can digitize and save your mini Monet's creations. Save every masterpiece, store it in an organized and easily accessible way, and create everything from phone covers to custom stuffed toys directly from within the app. For an additional fee, you can even use Artkive’s concierge service to professionally photograph and upload your art. 

Available at iTunes or Google Play, $4.99.

photo: Artkive


How do you organize, display or save your kid’s artwork? Share your ideas in the comments below. 

— Lauren Hill