It happens every year. The instant your bundled babes start in on their first snow angel of the season, you’re reminded why the 30 minutes it took to get everyone dressed (not including that last potty break!) was well worth the effort. If you want your hard work to go the distance, supply your snow bunnies with cool toys that love a fresh flurry as much as they do. From the ultimate snowman kit to snow markers and even a scooter, flip through the album below for a peek at 9 tools you’re gonna want for those brisk winter days.

Ultimate Snowman Kit

No carrot? No problem. This snowman kit from L.L. Bean comes with enough supplies for an entire snow family, including a snow pet! Made of solid wood, there’s 26 individual pieces, including glasses, carrot noses, eyes, antlers, buttons and more. Frosty and his family would approve. For all ages.

Available at, $34.95.

Which snow toy is your favorite? Share with us in a comment below! 

— Gabby Cullen