Soda is out and those colorful cans of sparkling water are totally in, but if that LaCroix habit is putting a dent in your budget, there’s some good news. The Kirkland line of flavored sparkling water at Costco has gotten some new additions and they look and taste very familiar.

Costco just added three new flavors to its Kirkland brand sparkling water. The new additions include Grapefruit (known in LaCroix-speak as Pamplemousse), Lime and Lemon. Besides mimicking three of LaCroix’s most popular flavors, the new cans are nearly identical to their pricier counterparts.

The Costco versions will save you 33 percent as blogger The Costco Connoisseur points out. A 32-pack of the Kirkland brand sells for $7.49, while a pack of LaCroix costs $7.99 and only comes with 24 cans in a package.

The three new Kirkland flavors join three tasty flavors already for sale at Costco: black raspberry, orange mango and kiwi strawberry. Although good, these flavors didn’t completely match what LaCroix has to offer. If you’re thirsty for a bargain, Costco is totally your best bet for a LaCroix look- and taste-alike.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: The Costco Connoisseur via Instagram


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