If you have not been to the Costco, the you have not truly lived.

Costco. Is. The. Bomb.

Behold the wonder of the Costco Superstore.


You read that correctly: no zombies allowed. They have no membership card so we are safe there. We can all survive in the Costco for years without struggle.


Are you seeing that giant hotdog and carbonated goodness for $1.50? Tell me where you will find a better deal…just try. You can’t. Costco food slays it.


Whoa. Let’s not get crazy now kids. That is financial suicide right there.


Oh you think you might just skip on up to the Costco on a Saturday? Not gonna happen. Costco is so popular you may have a better chance at smaller crowds hanging out at The Magic Kingdom.


People actually get married at the Costco. Being invited to a Costco wedding is now on my bucket list.


So many samples. You can create an entire meal just wandering around Costco snacking away.


Costco literally has anything and everything you could ever want. Need 5-foot bears? Of course you don’t! Neither do I…yet we own two.


I could literally live here, right here under this patio canopy eating Costco samples and hot dogs and drinking fine French wine. This is the dream right here!

You cannot beat the selection and prices of wine at Costco. You also cannot shop at Costco without spending at least $100 on the wine alone.

Do not tell me that you have a Sam’s Club nearby and it is basically the same thing. It’s just not.