It’s understandable to cringe at the idea of shelling out money year after year for a costume (however adorable) they’ll wear only once—so we’ve searched high and low for costumes that will get tons of play, even after Halloween has come and gone. Whether it becomes a treasured staple in his dress-up box or her go-to outfit for a trip to the grocery store, this collection of hoodies, gowns, hats, and wings will surely be worn to shreds by the time your kid grows out of them. Flip through the album below to see them all.

Let Them Go Wild

Give your wild one wings (and a beak!) with this colorful set from Land of Nod. Each feather is hand-stitched, and the wings attach at both the shoulders and wrists. Spot clean only, so make sure she doesn’t flap her new appendages while baking with you.

Available at, $39.

Will you try to pick something that’ll go the distance? Share with us in a Comment below.

— Katie Brown

Editor’s Note: All items were available for purchase at the time of publication.

All images courtesy retailers.