Summer is the perfect time to fill a pitcher with ice-cold lemonade and set up a stand in the front yard where kids can get their first lesson in hard work and economics. But every business venture has its risks, so Country Time Legal-Ade is offering pint-sized entrepreneurs across the country some protection.

Nothing symbolizes the old school simplicity of summer days like an icy lemonade. However, these days even something as basic as a lemonade stand can come with red tape. Thanks to city laws, many little lemonade vendors have been shut down and incurred fines and fees for permits to set up shop on the front lawn. Lemonade maker, Country Time, doesn’t want financial hardship to deter any young business men and women from setting up a stand, so for the summer, they are offering some assistance.

From now until August 31, Country Time’s Legal-Ade find will reimburse you up to $300 in fines or permit fees connected to operating a lemonade stand anytime during 2017 or 2018. Parents can register through the Country Time Legal-Ade site here. Kids can then upload images of their stands and give an account in their own words of why their lemonade stand is important to them.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: Pixabay


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