When your bed has become the new bouncy castle because your little monkey has outgrown their old play space, you know it’s time to move onto bigger kid grounds. Built to satisfy even the most hyper spitfire, these expansive play palaces go beyond your average ball pit to include obstacle courses, multi-level mazes, laser rooms and more. Check them out in our album below!

Out of This World – Portland, Or

Imagine if the Pizza Planet from Toy Story were real, and you’ve got Out of this World. Budding astronauts can moonwalk through the multi-story space-themed maze while speedy racers loop around on the go-karts before coming back down to earth. You could fuel a rocket into outer space just with all the energy collected here.

More Info: outofthisworld.net/ 

Photo credit: sean d. via Yelp.com

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— Christal Yuen