Can you ever have enough Harry Potter collectibles? A couple in Shreveport, Louisiana would highly disagree. After almost two decades of collecting and creating wizarding paraphernalia, Angie Cason and Jasper Price decided to transform their dining room into a Harry Potter reading room to house their huge collection–– and it’s seriously magical.

The couple’s collection began when they hosted lavish book and film release parties, complete with tons of both store-bought and hand-made collectibles. When the piles of books, wands, Cornish pixies and flying keys became too much, they figured their unique assortment deserved to be center stage year round.

In December, the room was complete and now gives a complete museum experience for anyone lucky enough to visit. You won’t be disappointed by the oversized portrait of the Fat Lady (no pun intended) nor the giant assortment of custom wands and boxes.

Feast your eyes on the House flags and reminisce about all the good times that came from monthly visits to Hogsmeade and sweet shop, Honeydukes because it’s all here in this magical retreat. Can we just apparate there now, please?

And don’t miss out on the fine details like tons of potion bottles and the tell-tale tea leaves that spell out danger. Beware the Grim!

In addition to keeping the collectible around for themselves, the couple also loans out items to local businesses who are hosting Harry Potter events.

With the new set up, it’s reasonable to ask if Cason and Price have satiated their memorabilia desires. But when it comes to Harry Potter, never! They believe there’s always more out there to add to their collection.

Make sure you check out the entire collection of photos from Jasper Price!

––Karly Wood

Featured Photo: Karen Roe via Flickr 


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