The saying goes:  There is someone for everyone. After looking at a few of these lovebirds, that saying have never been more true. These couples are doing every one else a favor by taking each other off of the market.


Their love really is a fairy tale isn’t it?


Well isn’ t this adorbs? A fairy photo shoot would be completely acceptable…if these two lovebirds were 6 years old. Would I have loved to see the photographer’s face when they explained their whimsical vision to him or her.


To this couple’s credit, they are actually comedians poking fun at their similarities. It’s fun to think about this picture in a serious light though. What a bonus to share clothes with your significant other.


Please stay together forever…in your cave.


Why are you naked? Those cats hate life right now.



Lady you had your chance to run right into that woods and never look back. You didn’t. You also didn’t make him put shirt on.


This is twice the freaky. How do these people find each other?


These two gems are together no matter what. Can you imagine this hanging above their fireplace? It’s just too good.


Couples that fetish together, stay together. These two both look like Golden Retrievers.


This guy isn’t right and his woman is really taking one for the team for the rest of us. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go call 911 and report a missing person.

This just goes to show, there’s someone for everyone!