Stuck inside on a rainy day or maybe you and the little ones are just feeling a bit crafty. Here are five of our favorite DIY blogs and resources where you can find ideas, tips, and a whole lot more togetherness entertainment!


little birdie secretsLittle Birdie Secrets
Born from the crafting obsession of friends living in the Pacific Northwest, this adorable blog features tips on quilting, small sewing projects, kids crafts, home decor, and paper crafts. They also feature some yummy kid-friendly recipes.


Zakka Life
Bay Area blogger Jessica Okui creates original craft projects and tutorials every week on Zakka Life. She also shares detailed posts about recipes, entertaining and tips. From Playdoh Bling Rings to Lego Pirate Capes, Okui features some of the cutest crafties around.


Plaid Kids Crafts
This blog is full of fun, crafty projects, activities, ideas, and links to other great kid-friendly sites. The blog itself is a spin-off of Plaid, which is the online home to over fifty well known craft brands. We especially love the glow in the dark Haloween Cupcakes!


The Crafty Crow

This single, stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of three features a wide array of craft ideas with an extensive category list that makes navagating ideas easy. Her collective specializes in crafts found on a resource of weblogs. You will also find tips, tools, resources, and other ideas sprinkled here and there over time.

A blog/site dedicated to adventures for parents and their children. How it works: Sign in & become a member, and then YuuMii will send you a weekly email letting you know all the details for the week. Links, images, instructions, and community support are all included.