There’s no better way to retell the Passover story than by making your own Seder plate. Rachel Teichman, mom and blogger of OOGIAH (cookie in Hebrew), shows us how kids can creatively learn about the exodus from Egypt with her Seder plate craft. As your kids patiently build their Seder plate, you can explain the importance of the six items. By the end of the project they’ll know the story behind the bitter herbs to the shank bone.


A cardboard tube, such as a paper towel or wrapping paper tube
Decorative tape, such as paper tape or Washi tape
Mini cupcake wrappers
Thin ribbon
Small paper plate

Hole puncher

1. Wrap a 6″ strip of decorative tape around the end of your cardboard tube.

2. Then cut a slice off of the tube that is as wide as the tape. Repeat this five more times so that you have six slices.

3. Form the rings into a circle, and punch two holes into each ring, two rings at a time, so that you will be able to tie ribbons through each hole.

4. Put a 5″ piece of ribbon through two holes in rings next to each other and tie a bow. Repeat for all six pairs of holes.

5. Cut off extra ribbon.

6. Write the name of each of the six Seder plate items on the outside of each ring. They are: Bitter Herbs, Charoset, Egg, Maror (Horseradish), Parsley and Shank Bone.

7. Place one cupcake wrapper into each ring. Place everything on to a small paper plate, and fill each ring with the ingredient matching its label.

This craft comes from OOGIAH, a site run by Rachel Teichman. Mom to two and an avid baker, Rachel created OOGIAH as a site for parents to search for Jewish family resources. Check out her website for more resources and community information in your city.