So you want to do a craft project with your kids but you don’t have the dozen or so things needed to make something amazing? Don’t be intimidated by a materials list! From edible necklaces to easy bird-feeders, here are our five-ingredient-or-fewer faves.

Cheerio Necklaces

Depending on how hungry she is, your little jewelry-maker will probably want to make a few of these necklaces that require only Cheerios (or any O-shaped cereal) and string to create. Just thread your string through the "O" until you're ready to tie it up and put it on. Hint: These are great projects to do at the table when kids are waiting for a meal.

Materials: "O"-shaped cereal, string.

photo: Melissa Heckscher

Let us know how your art projects went! 


— Christal Yuen & Melissa Hecksher