So you want to do a craft project with your kids but you don’t have the dozen or so things needed to make something amazing? Don’t be intimidated by a materials list! From edible necklaces to easy bird-feeders, here are our five-ingredient-or-fewer faves.

Nature Printing

Reprint nature with stamps from Mother Earth herself! Scavenge your backyard for tiny pine cones, ferns, and flowers (last two need to be dried for stiffness) and experiment with ink. Emily from Red Bird Crafts encouraged her kids to roll, press and smudge their creativity out. The final product? Lovely wrapping paper, framed art or even gift cards.

Materials: Craft paint, ink pads, dried rose buds, pine cones (almost anything can be used as a stamp)

photo: Emily Neuberger via Red Bird Crafts

Let us know how your art projects went! 


— Christal Yuen & Melissa Hecksher