Gingerbread season is here! While the candy-covered creations we make with our own kids are what we’d call “shabby chic” at best, some folks really take it to the next level. We’ve rounded up a village of gingerbread houses that will make your jaw drop. Keep reading to see each one in all their sugary glory.

Sweet & Simple's Clever house

British Columbia-based baker Sweet & Simple Kitchen's  beautiful use of powdered sugar and almond shingles has us dreaming of a cozy cabin somewhere. 

This variation from Monkey Mind Chicago is definitely for the dogs!

Gingerbread Castle

This jaw-dropping gingerbread castle was displayed at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco in 2016. We can only imagine how long it took to construct, with countless towers, windows and even snowy trees outside.

Spooky Gingerbread House

Why choose just one holiday to celebrate? This Halloween-ready gingerbread house has creepy tombstones and worms in the yard along with shadowy silhouettes in the windows.

Gingerbread Mansion

How cute is this “brick” gingerbread house? With a warm light shining from the windows and welcoming wreaths on the front door, it reminds us of the house from Madeline.

Mistletoe Manor

Check out the attention to detail on this seriously festive creation. From the chocolate shingles to the cute snowman hanging out front, we can tell this gingerbread house was made with love.

An Oversized Violin

Maybe it’s not technically a gingerbread house, but this creation is still super impressive. Check out all the intricate details, down to a few mice who are working together to play the violin.

Snowy Mansion

This snowy mansion popped up in Portland’s Benson Hotel in 2016. In addition to the regal house with windows that you can peek inside, there are also dozens of snowy trees and an icy lake out front.

Gingerbread Town

The Fairmont D.C. created a full-on gingerbread town one year! This mammoth creation took 40 pounds of flour, 300 eggs and lots and lots of sugar, and the result was truly impressive.

Mt. Vernon, Gingerbread Style

George Washington’s home was transformed into this sweet gingerbread house, complete with wreaths on the doors, trees in the yard and bows on the windows.

Apple Gingerbread House

We’re obsessed with this adorable rendition of an apple farm. A few of our favorite creative touches: popcorn balls form the trees, the windows are made out of pretzels, and the apples that stud the scene are really cinnamon candies.

A Retro Gingerbread Camper

We're totally crushing on this creation by Sugar & Cloth, complete with Rice Krispy Christmas tree on top of the sweet retro camper. There are even step-by-step instructions if you’re feeling brave enough to attempt it yourself.

There’s No Place Like This Gingerbread House

Fashion Island Hotel Newport Beach created a jaw-dropping take on The Wizard of Oz, made with 400 pounds of gingerbread dough, 300 pounds of fondant and 100 pounds of chocolate.

Haunted Gingerbread House

Two of our favorite holidays collide in this spooky house from Cookie Connection. A candy-lined path leads up to a sweet mansion that’s crawling with ivy—would you dare to step inside?

White House

The White House gingerbread house is a tradition that’s been going on since the Carter administration. We think the 2015 house was pretty awesome—check out the cute carolers and other visitors on the front lawn.

Gingerbread Farm

How cute is this farm setup from My Name Is Yeh? Complete with matcha trees, heart-shaped jolly rancher windows, and gingerbread ponies, it’s a farm you can really sink your teeth into. See more photos by clicking here.

Boardwalk Concession Stand

Disney doesn’t do anything halfway—including this life-size replica of a Jersey Shore Boardwalk concession stand at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, which has a grand-total 674 gingerbread shingles. We’ve only got one question: how do you keep the kiddos from nibbling on it as they walk by?

Victorian Gingerbread House

Home sweet home—literally. Check out this picture-perfect Victorian-style gingerbread house, complete with pastel shingles and a couple of Christmas trees out front.

The Three Little Pigs, Gingerbread Style

Here’s another winner from the Omni Grove Park Inn’s annual contest—this Three Little Pigs-inspired creation won second place in this year’s kids competition. If you’re near Asheville, NC, this holiday season, you can see all the entries until January 4.

Frozen Gingerbread Ice Castle

Frozen fans will appreciate this awesome gingerbread ice castle that popped up at Disney’s Contemporary Resort in Florida. Anna, Elsa and rest of the gang are all ready to wave hello.

Valentine Gingerbread House

Here’s a cute idea—combine a couple of holidays for an extra special gingerbread house. This creation is super sweet down to the last detail, from the heart-shaped roof tiles to the glittery snowman in the front yard.

Charlie Brown Gingerbread House

We love seeing our all-time favorite cartoon characters transformed into gingerbread, and this adorable display, complete with a mini Christmas tree and lights adorning Snoopy’s doghouse, is no exception.

Land of Misfit Toys

This cute gingerbread house combines an iconic building at the National Institutes of Health with everyone’s favorite reindeer and all of his friends. Watch out for the Abominable Snowman in the background!

Up Gingerbread House

This clever house looks just like the one featured in Pixar’s hit movie Up. From the “grass” made out of toasted coconut to the rice paper curtains, this house makes every detail count.

— Susie Foresman



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