Historically cat lovers were stigmatized and judged as lonely single ladies who have not much else going on besides their furry companions. But nothing could be further than the truth. Now is the time for all of you cat folks to unite over your rightfully earned title and flaunt those kitties.


Just look at these kitties. These cats are better dressed than my kids. I can barely bring myself to dress the kids and me most mornings.



These awesome cat owners are crazy.  Crazy about their health that is.  According to recent research owning a cat actually has proven healthy benefits. Owning a furry friend can reduce stress and anxiety, (I’m gonna need like ten more cats then,) decreases your chance of a stroke, boosts immunity, lowers blood pressure, and lowers cholesterol levels just to name a few. Basically owning a cat has the exact opposite effects on the body as compared to having  children guys.  Just saying.


Crazy cat ladies are also busy saving the planet. Kitties are green machines baby!  Ok…not really. In truth both cats and dogs leave quite a carbon footprint on our environment. Cats however typically eat less than dogs and have a heavily fish based diet compared to their canine counterparts. A 2009 study made the analogy between animals and cars. The resources needed to feed a dog compare to the eco footprint of a Hummer, while that of a cat is compared to a Volkswagon Golf. Cat ladies are such givers.


Being a Crazy Cat Lady is so in vogue right now that dressing as one was one of the hottest tot Halloween costumes the year.


So maybe you aren’t married, you don’t have children, you own three or more felines and you consider them your best, (perhaps only) friends. Crazy Cat Ladies own it!  This is your year and you are totally winning girls!