You’ve never seen spruced up spruces like these! We’ve found crazy Christmas trees from all over the world that are guaranteed to lift your spirits to holly, jolly new levels. From a DIY succulent tree to a gigantic Pac-Man tree, get your yuletide dose of decoration inspiration below.


Half a million Lego bricks, five people and about 1200 hours of work— that's what went into this LEGO tree. It was constructed block-for-block in Sydney, Australia and holds the record as the largest LEGO Christmas Tree in the Southern Hemisphere. Now aren’t you glad you don’t have to disassemble it?

photo: Norman Z via flickr

Does your family go for the traditional route or do you like to spice up your decorations? 
If you have a wacky tree you’d like to add to this story, simply send a photo our way ( and we’ll add to our picks!

—  Abigail Matsumoto

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