You’ve never seen spruced up spruces like these! We’ve found crazy Christmas trees from all over the world that are guaranteed to lift your spirits to holly, jolly new levels. From a DIY succulent tree to a gigantic Pac-Man tree, get your yuletide dose of decoration inspiration below.

Recycled Tree

Recycle, reduce, reuse! That’s pretty much the motto behind this tree made from recycled bottles and cans. Found along the beach in Larnaca, Cyprus, it was made to withstand ocean winds, look pretty, and send a Christmas-y conservation message, too.


Does your family go for the traditional route or do you like to spice up your decorations? 
If you have a wacky tree you’d like to add to this story, simply send a photo our way ( and we’ll add to our picks!

—  Abigail Matsumoto

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