Crazy Perfect Life

After being diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of forty-two, Dara left her twenty-year career as a financial advisor to focus on writing, speaking, and podcasting. Today her personal blog, Crazy Perfect Life (www.crazyperfectlife.com), reaches over 180,000 followers. It’s all about making the most of each day of our lives, regardless of the challenges readers might be facing. Dara’s goal is to use her life experiences to help people strengthen their relationships and create more happiness and joy in their everyday lives. Her latest book, I am My Mother’s Daughter: Wisdom on Life, Loss, and Love, will be released in September and is available for preorder on Amazon. It’s all about the relationship between mothers and daughters from one generation to the next. Preorder the book now, and get five free downloadable gifts immediately at https://crazyperfectlife.com/i-am-my-mothers-daughter/

-from Dara Kurtz, Crazy Perfect Life
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