Quick, easy and delicious this remastered creamy chicken enchilada grilled cheese makes one filling meal. Brought to you by the food blog, The Nutritious Kitchen, the recipe reuses pasta sauce in a creative way so that your family won’t have to eat the same meal days in a row.

Serves 1

For the Enchilada Cream Spread
1-2 Tbsp enchilada sauce
1.5 tbsp cream cheese
1 Tbsp greek yogurt

For the Enchilada Grilled Cheese
Olive oil or butter for greasing pan
Red bell pepper, roughly chopped
Onion slices, chopped
Shredded and cooked chicken
1 Tbsp enchilada sauce
2 slices whole wheat bread
Shredded cheddar cheese (a mix of cheddar and jack)

Note from the Chef: The amount of chopped onion, bell pepper and shredded chicken used is based on your preference.<

1. First prepare your enchilada cream spread by whisking ingredients with a fork until smooth. Set aside.

2. Sauté your bell pepper and onion in a greased pan over medium high heat. Once veggies have wilted, about 4 minutes, add in your cooked chicken and enchilada sauce. Mix together and cook for an additional minute.

3. Spread enchilada cream spread on one slice of bread. Spread cheese on the other slice of bread and place on a heated and greased skillet over medium heat. Add chicken mixture to one slice of the bread and continue to cook until cheeses are melted. Place other slice of bread on top of chicken mixture, press down with a spatula and serve immediately.

What do you think of this mix between an enchilada and grilled cheese?

This recipe comes from The Nutritious Kitchen, a healthy food blog run by Selena. Visit her website for more wholesome recipes that keep meals fun, clean and family-friendly.