photo: Pexels 

Oh, the bump picture. You know it. Your BFF is posting her growing belly all over Instagram. And everyone is loving it. Well, what if you could take the regular ol’ bump pic to a whole new level? One mama is making sure that you can! How? Take a look at the app that can up your baby bump pic game.

Pregmo is a pretty rad app that takes your baby bump pictures and turns them into time-lapse awesomeness. This little techy gem was created by Jasmine Katatikarn, a mom who works in computer animation.

When the mama was pregnant with her own child, she took plenty of pictures. Using her background in animation, she turned her pics into a movie. After sharing her mini movie, the mom got such an amazing response that she decided to help other women do the same thing. And that led to her app—Pregmo.

The app is available on the Apple Store for iOS devices. It lets users create animated movies as their bellies grow and grow and grow. Don’t worry if you aren’t a technical whiz kid. This app is totally easy enough for every mama to use.

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