Create & Learn

Learn coding, AI, data science, robotics and more fun topics designed by Google and Stanford experts in a small-group online class for Grades K-9!

We take a whole-brain approach to learn computer science, which means kids not only have hands-on experiences with latest technologies such as AI and Data Science but more importantly, we employ effective creative learning approaches in every aspect of our curriculum design to develop kids’ creativity and critical thinking skills.

Your child will not learn from a machine or video, but interact with our experienced CS teachers in a small class. Kids love our classes because they are encouraged to create their own animations, games, and robots, and share their stories.

We also invite industry experts from Apple, Google, Stanford, Pixar and more to talk about different exciting aspects of technologies and how they are applied in the real world, e.g. in the movie industry, health care, consumer products, game creations, etc.

Try our classes FOR FREE for your kids to master the “superpower” in the age of AI, and have fun!

-from Jessie Jiang, Create & Learn
Online: https://www.create-learn.us