You have a vision of what your home should look like. When you close your eyes you imagine how the new furniture that you absolutely, positively have to have looks. So you buy it. All of it. The redecorating race is on. When the furniture finally arrives it looks…umm, not like you had imagined it. Well, Target has a solution. They’ve recently rolled out a new AR (that’s augmented reality) feature and you need to know about it.

The mobile website now has the retailer’s See It In Your Space AR option. You can use the mobile site to create a 3D version of the Project 62 line. Pick out Target products (again, from the Project 62 line) and see how they would look in your home.

You can move the items around, designing your space online in Target’s virtual world. Not only can this help you to “see” your space before it actually comes to life, but you can also make online ordering easier. Instead of having to guess which home items will look just right, you can see how they all come together in kind of real life.

Okay, so the room view looks real. But it’s still AR. Now, all you need to do is buy the items and move them into your room IRL.

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