Are your Halloween decorations less than bewitching? Or maybe you have nothing but a forlorn spider missing a leg and a skull that’s seen better days. Don’t worry, it’s not such a grave situation. We’ve dug up eight spooky ideas to help you decorate your yard or outdoor space that would make Victor Frankenstein proud. To the laboratory Igor, and don’t forget the brain!

Cookie Cutter Jack O’ Lanterns

These Jack O’ Lanterns are anything but “cookie cutter"! They’ll light a ghoulish path to your door as luminaries, or add a stylish pop to your porch. All you need are stainless steel cookie cutters and a rubber mallet. Nancy at Nancy Creative has the, er, SCOOP.

Photo: Nancy via Nancy Creative</p


Is your yard spooktacular? What other tips and decorations should we add to our story? Tell us about it in the Comments below!

— Helen Walker Green