Are your Halloween decorations less than bewitching? Or maybe you have nothing but a forlorn spider missing a leg and a skull that’s seen better days. Don’t worry, it’s not such a grave situation. We’ve dug up eight spooky ideas to help you decorate your yard or outdoor space that would make Victor Frankenstein proud. To the laboratory Igor, and don’t forget the brain!

Scary Sounds

Bats screeching, thunder booming, a coffin lid creaking open ... sound effects add realism to All Hallows' Eve. There are several apps (including Halloween Spooky Sound Box and Halloween Sounds) and websites (including Partners in Rhyme and Sound Bible) that offer free creepy sounds from ghostly moans to a witch’s cackle. Grab a bluetooth speaker, hide it in your yard, and scare your neighbors! Psst. The Voice Changer Plus app lets you transform your voice, so you can catch your friends and neighbors unawares with personalized scares!

photos: One Day Closer via Flickr / Lynda Bullock via Flickr


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— Helen Walker Green