The holidays are just around the corner, which means lots of fun family dinners and parties. But, that also means there are lots of potential messes just waiting to cover your furniture and floors. What if you didn’t have to worry about those little spills and accidents? Click through our favorite cleaning hacks below to keep your house spick and span this holiday season.

Icing Wars

The holidays are chockfull of sweet treats, and one family favorite is always cookies. Icing and munching on these delicious morsels is a must for kiddos, but what if some of that yummy icing gets on the carpet? Yikes! Don't worry, just make sure you have a cloth and some white vinegar on hand. All you have to do is dab vinegar onto the stain, and it’ll break down the oily residue in seconds.

photo: Sarah Wampler via Flickr

Do you have any cleaning tricks for the Holidays? Share with us in a comment below.

— Natasha Davis