The tots might not entirely understand the meaning behind Passover Seder yet, but they can still get involved on the special night. For wriggly ones sans prolonged attention spans, a kid-centric Seder plate might be exactly the colorful and creative supplement they need. Check out these imaginative Seder plates, filled with delightful drawings and special details to help engage and educate kids. We’ll leave the storytelling to you.

Homemade Seder Plate
Your kids will be beaming to see their handiwork on the table, and they’ll definitely be eager to answer any questions about the Exodus story. Instructions on how to make this homemade Seder plate by Brenda Ponnay can be found over at

Homemade-Passover-Seder-Plate-5Photo: Brenda Ponnay

Melamine Passover Seder Plate
For any little one that may be learning Hebrew on the side, this artistic Passover plate features subtitled indentations. The plate itself is also sturdy and easy to maintain, so moms and dads don’t have to worry about it breaking or nicking.

Cost: $19.99

melamine-passover-exodus-to-freedom-plate-sederPhoto: Amazon

Children’s Seder Plate
If you’re having a large family get together with lots of little ones, this inexpensive Seder plate is the perfect option. We love how it’s got all the children of the world, promoting a message of peace and unity.


children-seder-platePhoto: ModernTribe

Hand Painted Original Ceramic Seder Plate
This gorgeous Seder plate is one that will suit any Passover attendee from meemaw to the littlest ones. We love the abstract tree design that wraps around the whole plate, along with the hand-written inscriptions that give it a personal touch.

Cost: $84
Online: Beth Goldstein Designs via Etsy


Photo: Beth Goldstein Designs

Houses Seder Plate
Hand painted so that no two are alike, this unique Seder plate is ringed with brightly colored houses of Jerusalem to bring joy to the Passover celebrations. It’s also inscribed with Hebrew lettering and subtitles to ensure proper placement of the foods.

Cost: $150

tamara-baskin-seder-platePhoto: Tamara Baskin

Children of Israel Seder Plate
This brightly painted Seder plate is a perfect addition to the youth table as the portrait of the kids will remind fidgety tots that Passover isn’t just for grownups.

Cost: $44.95

traditions-jewish-seder-platePhoto: Traditions Jewish Gifts

Colorful Plastic Seder Plate
Kids will love reading the question and answers that wrap around the edges of this plate. It’s plastic (read: unbreakable!) and makes for a great first plate for tots.

Cost: $3.95

plastic-seder-platePhoto: Traditions Jewish Gifts

Disposable Seder Plate
Keep the cleanup to a minimum (especially if you’re feeding a crowd) by buying a set of disposable Seder plates. This understated blue and white set with cute sketches will look perfect on your Passover table.

Cost: $18.05

amazon-seder-platePhoto: Amazon

Hand-Painted Seder Plate
This colorful plate is sure to become a special family heirloom in the years to come. It can be customized with your favorite colors (though we love the bright color scheme pictured) and you can add a special message to be written on the back as well.

Cost: $90
Online: Platterpus Designs via Etsy

hand-painted-seder-platePhoto: Platterpus Designs

Which one would your kids love to use? Share your pick in the comments below!

— Christal Yuen and Susie Foresman