In case you missed it, tape got a makeover. The kind that would make Cinderella jealous. Give these creative and colorful masking, painter’s and of course washi tapes a chance to shine with your crew during summer play time. From an easily changed-up dance game to simple masking tape balance beams, we’ve rolled out the best games to play using tape. Bonus: All these ideas work for inside play when it’s just too hot to hang outdoors!

Make Tracks
While conventional wisdom would hold that cities were built on rock ‘n’ roll, parents know the value of a good highway system. Construct a complex one for your tot’s tiny cars using patterened washi tape and a little city planning know-how. Buildings, bridges and parking lots add authenticity to this working cityscape. Drive on!

photo: Le Jardin de Juliette

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— Allison Sutcliffe