Pumpkin carving might not be so easy (unless you have these pro templates) but these mummy crafts are actually very simple to pull off. Spend a crafternoon with the kids and make a festive decoration that will last for Halloweens to come.

Glowing Mummy Jars

Another easy-peasy to make mummy craft, this one by A Little Yum packs a punch when the lights go down. Because really, why have a plain mummy when you can have a glowing one?

Masking Tape Mummy

We love this sweet and simple masking tape and construction paper craft by Eighteen25 that's perfect for preschoolers who are still honing their fine-motor skills. And if you want to extend the playtime after the mummy's made, just add a popsicle stick to the back and voila! You've got yourself a puppet!

Bendable Mummy Figures

Your own mini mummies will love bending these DIY mummy figures to fit their needs. Who knows? You may just find a chain of them dangling from the chandelier, your rear view mirror, or even the shower head. Check out Family Chic from Camilla Fabbri for inspiration and how-to.

Toilet Paper Roll Mummy

You don't need a shopping cart full of craft supplies to make something simple, spooky, and fun. Just round up your empty toilet paper (or paper towel) rolls, a few googly eyes (or make and tape them yourselves), and some glue, and you can create an army of pint-sized mummies in no time. Check out My Kids Guide for details and inspiration.

Wood Block Mummies

Yes, there is a possible trip to the hardware store for this one, but your reward will be an adorable DIY decoration that you'll pull out every Halloween for years to come. We love this tutorial by Craftaholics Anonymous. Can't stomach the thought of loading up a carload of kids and navigating the lumber yard? Try substituting cereal boxes for a temporary decoration, instead.

Pumpkin Mummies

Hands On As We Grow has an idea for the friendliest little mummy pumpkin you'll ever meet, and you can get the step-by-step here. Googly eyes and no-mess cuteness? Yes, please!

Mummy Knee Patch

Finally! An awesome, adorable, seasonally-appropriate solution to the perennially worn-out knee of elementary aged kids! And while this fashion fix by Me and My Inklings may not be a practical one for holes in the knees, it sure is a stylish one.

— Shelley Massey


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