Remember Creme Savers? The creamy swirled hard candy that you secretly loved to find in your grandparents’ treat dish? After a 10 year hiatus, two of the most popular flavors are back!

Back in the day, you could find this candy in multiple flavors, including tropical and dessert swirled blends. And Grandma’s house wasn’t the only place to enjoy it, since you could purchase whole bags or rolls at the store, as well as spinoffs like flavored yogurt and JELLO. Now you’ll be able to buy two of the top flavors once more: Strawberry & Creme and Orange & Creme.

Each piece is individually wrapped, as all proper hard candy should be. One taste of those fruit and creme swirls will likely bring on the nostalgia, big time. And like many good treats of the early 21st century, they’re sugar free.

Iconic Candy teamed up with Mars Wrigley to reformulate the original flavors and bring back Creme Savers. You can find them at Big Lots stores in 47 states starting in mid-September. No word on if we can look forward to other flavors…yet.

—Sarah Shebek

Featured image courtesy of Mars Wrigley



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