This is all happening too fast! I officially have a jumper on my hands. This kid is fearless. Throws a leg over anything and hops off, out…you name it. Over Christmas I witnessed the ease of Xander throwing a leg over the wall of his Pack n’ Play and jumping out like he’d done it 100 times before. Twice. Was hoping it was just a thing he thought he could do at the grandparents house because he’d never even attempted his crib hop before. Until yesterday. Little bugger didn’t want to take a nap. I shut the door to let him cry it out a bit. BUT…it grew silent. YES! He’s sleeping! Until I hear the door knob wriggling back and forth. He escaped!! Not once, but twice. I decided not to line the crib with pillows because I think that may make him fall when he attempts his escape. His room is safe so we have that. Is it time for the toddler bed or should I wait this out a bit? He didn’t try to jump out this morning when he woke up, but who’s to say that won’t change in the next day or two.

And, Moms…how do you keep them from locking you out? I was thinking of switching the door knob and locking him in. Is that nuts?