The ‘80s called and said “remember how awesome your fanny pack was, why not put them on your shoes?” Or something like that. A new line of Crocs with fanny packs has just been released and now you can wear your shoes and carry stuff too.

The Crocs, which are the result of a collab with cult Japanese clothing line Beams, feature a tiny nylon, zip-top fanny pack attached to the ankle strap of classic-style Crocs. The ankle strap can also be flipped over so that the pouches sit on top of your shoes.

The pouches are designed to hold small items, like keys or cash, so they won’t do much good for stashing those wipes and diapers, but if you’re going for a quick stroll and need your hands free for the kids, they could come in handy.

The fanny-pack Crocs are available in two colors, Ultraviolet and Tropical Teal, on the Beams site for or 5940 yen, or about $53 per pair.

—Shahrzad Warkentin

All photos: Beams



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