photo: Pixabay

A baby crying on an airplane is no fun for anyone, least of all for the parents who have to deal with both an unhappy infant and a plane full of annoyed passengers. But one airline is trying to find a cure for the airborne baby blues, so that everyone can breath a little easier in the sky.

All Nippon Airways has been doing research into methods to calm babies on flights and prevent tears. According to Japanese media, the airline conducted an in-flight experiment to try to find signs babies give before they begin to cry. Using special equipment, the study tracked the babies’ pulses and physical condition during flights. The devices sent the information to smartphones monitored by the babies’ parents. Once they received a signal, the parents would then encourage the babies to drink liquid from a cup and straw designed by Combi Company, who partnered with All Nippon in the experiment.

The idea is that a sucking motion can help relieve pressure on the eardrums, which has been determined to be a major factor in babies beginning to cry aboard flights. Having babies nurse or use a pacifier is already a well-known trick to survive air travel with a little one, so it’s not completely clear how this experiment will revolutionize the industry. No word on the study’s results or how the airline plans to move forward from here.

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