Curious Baby Activity Cards

We created Curious Baby™ cards so that moms, dads, grandparents, and caregivers can spend more quality time with baby that is both meaningful and stress-free.

We’re parents, too, and we know that we all want to do everything possible to help our children grow into the best versions of themselves. But we also realize that it’s not easy to know what to do and how to best engage with your little one during her first year of life.

All of our activities have been reviewed and developed along with board-certified pediatricians, nurse practitioners, child psychologists, childhood educators, pediatricians, physical therapists, and many real moms and dads. You can feel confident in our recommendations.  We’ll tell you exactly how to do each activity but we’ll also tell you why it’s important to your baby’s growth and development!

Say goodbye to:

  • Trips to the craft store
  • Neverending materials & activity preparation
  • Expensive monthly subscriptions

Get an ENTIRE YEAR worth of activities in this cute little box and be confident in playtime with your little one! Let us be your guide on what to do, why, and how to spend quality educational time together.

-from Lizzy Greenburg, Curious Baby Activity Cards
Online: https://www.curiousbabycards.com


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