Cursive is making a comeback! Even though the keyboard or touchscreen may dominate your kiddo’s homework time, some states are putting legislation into place, requiring children to learn cursive handwriting in elementary school.

Ohio and Texas are two of the growing number of states to require cursive handwriting as part of the public school curriculum. While both states have already passed cursive handwriting legislation, major curricular changes won’t go into full effect until the next school year.

photo: Pragyan Bezbaruah via Pexels

So what do these laws mean for children? According to Ohio’s new bill, “The instructional materials shall be designed to enable students to print letters and words legibly by grade three and create readable documents using legible cursive handwriting by the end of grade five.”

Students in Texas will start learning how to form cursive letters in second grade and will begin writing full words in third grade. In fourth grade, the state will require students to complete assignments in cursive.

Other states to introduce cursive handwriting legislation include Arkansas, Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia and Florida, according to CNN.

—Erica Loop



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