Decals have been all the rage in kids’ rooms since 2006. It’s easy to see why – they’re a snap to install – even for the most inept among us – as well as remove when the kiddos get older. The styles have also (thankfully) evolved in the past five years beyond Disney characters and teddy bears, to geometric shapes, nature (fish, trees, dandelions) and silhouettes of musical instruments and cityscapes.

The latest trend in decal decor is customization – from initials, a name or a special quote –  that makes each nursery a cocoon of individual expression. A recent favorite is the cool Custom Subway Art we saw in one lucky little boy’s nursery.

Not only does the custom design from graphics designer Stacy Wilson  incorporate personal deets like DOB, height and weight, but you can add other words to the design including favorites foods, toys or newborn milestones.

Wilson will send over three different layouts for your Custom Subway Art and then you can select a color and hit, “go.” The best part? You can do the whole room over again when your kid is into fairies, dinosaurs or airplanes.

Custom Subway Art decal, $50
From Stacy Wilson’s Etsy store

— Tori Thiessen