Comic-Con is really just a different kind of Disneyland where your inner kid can hang out with their favorite character. But it’s not just for adults. Nothing is more aww-some than seeing your mini Stormtrooper or baby Ironman mingling in the masked masses. To see the cutest costumers (psst – early Halloween ideas, anyone?) that waltzed the convention grounds last weekend, scroll on.

Little Ryu from Street Fighter is definitely gobsmacked by all the amazing costumes.


Little ninjas and princesses (and Prince Philip) unite!


Professor Xavier’s students have stopped by.


The Force is strong with this young Vader.


Mini Bounty Hunters on the search for Han Solo.


Buzz Lightyear meets Emma Frost. Look, there’s C-3PO!


As always, Ironman is too cool for school.


Riddle me this: What have I made?


A family that Stormtroops together, troops together.


It’s Rocket Raccoon from Guardian of the Galaxy.


Watch out, tot – that’s the Infinity Gauntlet you’re wearing!


The House of Stark looks ready for winter.


Captain America is all prepped to protect.


Prince Eric is ready for an under the sea adventure.

Which costume was your favorite? Let us know in the Comments below! 

— Christal Yuen