When Michael Cisneros saw his toddler son Maxwell run towards BFF Finnegan he knew something special was happening.

During a mid-sidewalk meetup, the two little boys show what true friendship is—and the Internet absolutely adores both of them! The dad caught the completely cute moment on video and shared it on Facebook.

In his post, Cisneros writes, “I have no idea how to make things go viral, for those who do…please share. This is just so beautiful.” With more than 100,000 views already, it’s pretty clear the social media-verse thinks this the besty-to-besty hug is aww-dorable.

Cisneros recently told ABC News, “When they are away from each other, they are always asking about one another.” The dad added, “They go to music class together, Dana Banana (a weekly music event) and they love to dance — both are excellent dancers.”

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: 6ABC Philadelphia via YouTube




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