When you have kids, date night is a sacred event, something you look forward to and save up money for. Sometimes life gets in the way, however, and kids get sick, babysitters fall through, or you just get lazy and opt for Netflix and chilling on the couch instead. One dad refused to let date night fall to the wayside and brought the bar to his own backyard when he couldn’t get a sitter.

As the video shows, this husband wouldn’t let a little thing like having no babysitter stand in the way of date night. Not only was his pop-up bar a total hit, but the couple looked like they were having more fun than they would have at any real, stuffy, over-priced bar.

The best part is, they saved a ton of money. Other than the cost of the blow-up bar, they avoided babysitter fees, a hefty bar tab and even the cab ride home after a round of drinks and beer pong, since all they had to do was walk a few steps. Maybe backyard bars are the future of date night.

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