One dad put his DIY skills to work to create some Disney magic for his kids this Christmas. If you’ve got a family of Disney fans, you’re going to want this incredible Disney DVD den for your own house.

Father of two Michael Taylor put together a magical Christmas gift for his kids, Katie, six, and Oliver, two. Making good use of a small nook under the staircase in his family’s home, the dad from Scotland built a cozy little Disney-themed den that you’ll want to recreate in your own house!

Walling off the tiny space, Taylor filled it with carpeting, bean bag chairs, a flat screen TV and a rack full of Disney DVDs and stuffed animals. The wall has a built-in window so the kids can peer out from their special space. Here’s the before:

Now check out this incredible after:

The space is accented with a Disney-inspired motto printed on the wall that reads, “In this house we will let it go because Hakuna Matata and the bare necessities will always be our guide to Infinity and Beyond. All it takes is faith, trust and a little pixie dust while we just keep swimming, we whistle while we work, we believe in happy endings and we know that life is always better under the sea because in this house we do Disney.”

Tying it all together is a tiny silhouette on the baseboard of a mouse hole and Cinderella’s favorite whiskered pals, Jaq and Gus.

Michael told The Sun, “We moved in last year and I was going to turn it into a wee toilet but we couldn’t so I wanted to turn it into a wee play den. I just got round to it this year and decided to do it for Christmas.”

He explained, “We put the partition wall up and then decided to make it into a little more than just a den and have a floating ceiling with LED lights. I’ve been doing most of the work when they’ve been in bed and it’s taken about three weeks. They’ve been really good, they know I’ve been working on something but but they don’t know what.”

—Shahrzad Warkentin

Featured photo: jill111 via Pixabay



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