If you are looking for a laugh, a Los Angeles dad may have the answer for you. Dave Carlson, created Laughter Line, a phone number you can call to hear his family laugh. Then, feel free to leave your laugh after the beep. 

Now that families are stuck in the house and on devices or in front of screens all day, it’s nice to pepper in some old-school experiences such as a phone number and an answering machine. This is his way of helping everyone smile during difficult times and even show how fast laughter can spread. 

The map below highlights the areas where Carlson has received phone calls from so far.

Dad laugh line

Even though he created the line years ago, due to the current situation it seemed like the perfect opportunity to prove how powerful laughter can be. 

Carlson said, “I think we can all share a little joy right now. My kids’ favorite part of the day is sitting down and listening to all the laughing voicemails people have left from all over the world.” 


—Jennifer Swartvagher

Featured photo: Dave Carlson


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