Raise your hand if you had a silly dad. Hey, plenty of us did. But this Michigan father takes the cake. Steve Haddad became internet-famous after his Christmastime performance of Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies.” And it is absolutely one of the best things you’ll ever see.

With more than 20 million views since Christmas Day, it’s clear that this video is being…umm, well-received. Not only does Haddad dance with his two daughters, but the dad actually dares to bare more than many men would. Yep, that’s the #BESTDAD wearing a black leotard.

The leotard-sporting lipsyncer follows his daughter’s lead and recreates the famed pop video, hip rolls and all. If is seems like this dad has become a fave on Facebook, you’re not wrong. Along with the crazy number of views, the comments for the video are beyond positive. That’s right, there are no FB trolls trying to ruin this one.

One commenter posted, “Please add a disclaimer next time — coffee just shot out of my nose and I think I may have peed a little. HILARIOUS!!!” Another viewer commented, “He is definitely the best dad ever.”

Haddad’s wife (who posted the clip) added, “Thanks Everyone. As you can tell the family had a BLAST watching! One thing about Steve is he always makes me laugh. And for the record they won the lip sync contest!!” We’re sure he did. Come on, who could be better?

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