Matt Mayers and his daughter Norah are a filmmaking duo! Every Halloween the pair team up to make their own version of a fave fright-fest flick—and the results are pure genius.

Mayers, an IRL filmmaker, and his fam have made their own versions of famous features such as A Nightmare on Elm Street and Night of the Living Dead. So what are they up to this year?

Of course, instead of the original title each one of the daddy-daughter flicks has a Norah-themed name. These include A Nightmare On Norah’s Street, Norah of the Living Dead and The Day Norah Stood Still.

This year the family of film mavens departed from the “Norah” type titles and made THAT, they’re own version of IT. If you’re all about Halloween-time scares, and creepy clowns, check out the Mayers’ masterpieces!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Courtesy of the Mayers Family



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